Hi I’m Dawn Doherty Author of Wired for Real Estate.

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I speak to top-producing Women in Real Estate about selling more by tapping into their feminine advantage.

Women come to me when they’re ready for a better way. My clients have experienced what I refer to as the “3 O’s”:
* Overwhelm
* Overworked
* and Over Extended
They’re mostly burnt out and often feel disenchanted because they’re working with clients who deplete their energy. Many of them have traded peace of mind, personal relationships and family life for financial success. They’re also racing against the clock and feel like they’re not able to “get it all done”. I’m here to tell you that there is a better way.

I’ll never forget the day I met Ivana. When she came to me she was at a “break out” moment in her career. She knew that she could step into the “top producing” inner circle of NYC real estate if she only had more time and energy. 

During this time her children were very young and she barely had time to breath let alone manage a multi million dollar real estate career. She was ready to compromise her success for more time with her kids…and then she saw me speak at a Halstead company event and her life changed forever.

The last thing Ivana needed was more things to do. She was already racing against the clock and was disheartened when she researched traditional real estate coaches. Unlike productivity coaching programs, my approach involves doing LESS, relieving clients of stress and tapping into their natural source of success. LESS IS MORE.

Ivana embraced the most transformational aspect of the work I do with women in real estate by taking inventory of her personal tendencies that kept her playing small. She began to OWN her kind nature and release the belief that she needed to be a “shark” to make it in NYC real estate.

While working with me, Ivana began gathering her ideal clients in Gramercy Park NY and she leveraged her relationships with local proprietors who serviced families in the area. She became known by her “Your Business is my Agenda” approach and professional, discerning and serious-minded clients lined up to meet her. She became flooded with a steady stream of referrals. Ivana sums up her approach as “meeting new people each day and solving problems” without expecting anything in return. This has paid off for her in spades!

Her success was so notable that The NY Times endorsed her approach and she was featured in an article with me called “Charm School for Real Estate Agents”. In the article, her amicable persona was noted as her “secret weapon” and she’s now a top agent in her firm and in NYC real estate.

I believe that women are naturally wired for success. Proprietary studies show that women have 3 embedded success mechanisms that, once awakened, will propel them into a sustainable career while allowing them to live life on their terms.

Stats from Prop study

I refer to these as the The 3D’s of Feminine Advantage and women are:
* Detailed (listeners)
* Disciplined (heads of households)
* Dedicated (others before themselves)

When clients work with me, they master a 3 step formula that, in 90 days or less, propels them into awakening the 3D’s, their feminine advantage, so they sell more in less time.

Here’s what we do together:

TRANSFORM your BELIEFS: They begin with identifying the thoughts they think and the things they do daily that rob them of time and energy. They release these counter productive behaviors and replace them with ways to be that accelerate their productivity and progress.

COMMUNICATE your BRAND: They uncover their unique value proposition and they own their experience, talents and skills so they stand out among their peers. They powerfully communicate what they do better than anyone else and attract their ideal clients.

TAKE ACTION on your BLUEPRINT: They craft an approach that’s tailored to their strengths so they know what to take action on daily so they’re efficient, effective and earning. They make the most of every minute in each day and they recover wasted time so they enjoy life more and lead purposeful careers. They make a difference in the lives of others and in the world.

I’ll wrap up by telling you about one of my favorite clients. Darice stepped into her real estate career after decades of corporate success. She desired to start living life on her terms and quit the 9 to 5 grind so she could begin to finally enjoy the life she made with the man of her dreams.

She and her Husband bought a beach house using the money they set aside after years of hard work. Then her real estate business became “the other Man” in the relationship. Instead of leaving town promptly at 3P each Friday, she stressed about lining up listings, hosting open houses and driving around buyers. 

In addition, Darice was visited by “Gladys” each morning. Gladys was the voice in her head of an agent she met 20 years ago who said “Honey, you’ll never make it in this business. Your kids will starve.” Darice knew that her career depended on getting the voice of Gladys gone!

After working with me, Darice began to own her experience, skills and strengths in helping people “move through chaos”. She paired up with professional organizers and hosted networking events with people who craved to be more aware and intentional so they could manifest more of what they wanted in their lives.

Today Darice has abandoned her old approach of cold calling and instead she meets new people, upgrades her relationships with acquaintances and enhances her connections with the people who matter the most. She’s also on her deck at her beach home at 5p each Friday with a glass of wine in her hand and toasting her Husband and their idyllic life.


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