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Immersive Personal Development and Business Coaching for Inspired Professionals

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logo_transparent_background“Locked up inside of you is a power-house who is craving to be released.” -Dawn Doherty

It’s about time that you create your life and livelihood ON YOUR TERMS. Let me show you how. You’ll learn the CORRECT way to live and work and what to PRACTICE regularly.

Join a club of hand-selected influencers who are set on making a difference.

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I created the following 23 minute presentation so you get a deep understanding of what I’m all about and how dedicated I am to your inspired forward motion. I invite you to take the time and make an investment in understanding what may be next for you!

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The components of Core Coaching Club

dawn-groupWondering how to get started?

Consider the following approaches:

Option 1: Participate in Fast Track to Happy™ webinar, workshop or retreat: Sign up for the next session or invite me to speak to your organization. This 90 minute session will have you understanding:

Option 2: Hire me for a CCC Signature Session: Spend 90 minutes with me one-on-one and we’ll uncover the exact reasons why you’re in a holding-pattern and move through your current state to an elevated way of working and living through a step by step plan (your CCC Blueprint)for immersive/ accelerated growth;

Option 3: Participate in the quarterly CCC Intensive Engagement: We’ll activate your CCC Blueprint and I’ll guide you while holding you accountable for executing on what you intend to create. I’ll educate you on proven techniques, unlock your potential through masterful coaching, step you through regressive hypnosis (if you’re up for it) so you emerge as the best version of you. (available in group format and one-on-one).

For us to achieve SUSTAINABLE success, we need to invoke the CREATION BASED success model. The power is inside us (it’s always been there)- you just need to be familiarized on how to make it work for you! I’ll show you how to turn up your BRILLIANCE through implementing the 4C’s of Core Coaching Club™:

  1. Confidence- Aligning with commitment, understanding the thoughts that keep you stuck and activating a new strategy so you take control of how you show up;
  2. Clarity- Getting clear and concise on what you REALLY want. Understanding your gifts and how to extend them;
  3. Conversation- Auditing the network of who you know and activating them to support you in creating;
  4. Create- Making the most of every minute in each day. Staying on track so you steadily move to what you intend to create.

Sounds simple yet most real estate agents, business owners, accomplished professionals and service providers struggle with acting with consistency, frequency and conviction. Through this work you’ll become conditioned to call in whatever and whomever you desire at all times!


The foundation for Core Coaching Club is a 4×4 system for success:

  1. 4 Gates to Greatness

    Understand the “ways” you “weigh” yourself down through examining your core beliefs and the conditioning that was projected onto you at a very early age. You’ll learn a powerful turn-around for each area so you live and work in a conscious state that releases you from the past and has you stepping into the power of now;

  2. 4 Steps to Unstuck

    You’ll master a way for taking full responsibility for everything you’re presented with and for everyone you interactive with. Instead of believing that things happen TO YOU, you’ll experience them as happening FOR YOU. This new way of living will have you working with universal principles and laws so you cease swimming against the tide;

  3. 4 Paths to What’s True

    We’re never upset for the reasons we believe. Getting real with what we’re challenged with and empowering yourself to rise above all altercations will have you leading your life and motivating others like you’ve never done before;

  4. 4 Moves to Momentum

    A true leader is CONGRUENT. This means that your mind is in line with the actions you take. In order to create presence, you’re called to BE PRESENT. You’ll execute on a daily ritual that will have you increasing your level of fitness, learning, turning up your consciousness and recording what you experience so you’ll make each day an investment in the life and livelihood you intend to create.


Customers will be lining up to do business with you

cust_life_cycleCore Coaching Club™ offeres practical business techniques that you’ll love executing on because they feel good.

You’ll abandon the old ways of selling, marketing and networking and replace them with authentic approaches that are enhanced by your newly developed personal presence.

You’ll step into each day extending your gifts and touching lives. Along the way you’ll call in extreme opportunities and your next best client. You can’t afford NOT TO.

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