I find the study of behavior intriguing. I don’t mean the sense of the word that first comes to mind- that’s about judgement. Good or bad, polite or rude, kind or mean. The aspect of the word that I am referring to is what one does regularly to drive the results that they want to see in their life.

They say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Not so few as 15, or as many as 25, but a very precise 21 days.

The scientist in me wanted to validate this proposition, and the coach in me hoped that this statement was true. You see, I work with professionals (mostly real estate agents), and I help them drive consistent income through changing their work behavior. I preach that going from haphazard to intentional provides results. It was time for me to “walk the talk.” So I ventured on an experiment that involved the Bari Studio in Tribeca.

Only 21 days to form a habit, program my body to crave dancing around, sweating and planks. I asked myself “Why isn’t everyone conditioning themselves to be their best possible version, especially if it’s so easy”? I decided to embrace this structure in January 2012 being “resolution season,” it also happened to be a time when so much of my life was up-in-the-air. I needed something that I could commit to doing. I needed to implement that “slight change” that would drive major results for me. I needed something to hold on to. Ever feel that way?

Major results for me would be to drop a few pounds, increase my energy and put some pep in my step. I don’t mislead anyone regarding my age; I am on the higher side of 40 and proud of every year that I’ve lived. I want to wear my experience, balanced temperament and wisdom while sporting a tight body. Is that too much to ask?

Well, it’s months later and I’ve averaged 20 classes per month. I’m excited before heading off to class rather than dreading the time I usually logged at a gym, on a spin bike or running outside. My weight dropped, inches were lost and clothes look great. (My credit card got some exercise too as it’s so much fun splurging on a body that you feel great about).

The exhilarating empowerment that I felt (and continue to feel!) after this fitness experiment lead me to searching for a system so I could drive the same results in my business. “Book Yourself Solid” by Michael Port is to my business what Bari is to my body. Michael’s 7 Core Self-Promotion Strategies are the answer to building lasting behavior that will have you earning and loving your business in no time.

Systems and consistency are the keys to making-it-happen for your waistline as well as your checking account. CONTACT ME if you’re ready to start behaving and earning!