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Note from Dawn

I believe we’re born for a reason.

I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping inspired adults to create the lives and businesses they want. Always…and I mean always…in our work we come to the age old question of “Am I supposed to do something in life?” and “what’s my purpose?”.
Driven people are INSPIRED. They can’t accept that life is a meaningless repetition of get out of bed, go to work, prepare dinner, rinse and repeat. There’s more and they create more.
So what’s your purpose? Are you making each day an investment in the legacy you leave? How will you contribute to the world so it becomes a better place for future generations?
Today’s newsletter is meant to stir up your thoughts about how you’ll enter 2015 with the consciousness of leaving a legacy. I believe that legacy isn’t a luxury and I’m dedicated to helping you to uncover your’s.
Here’s the thing- our purpose appears when we clear the way to guidance. Most of us cling to fear and thoughts of being “less than”. Instead of deeply becoming our own authority we look outside ourselves for the answer. We poll and question others and we abandon CREATING for fear of criticism.
I’m challenging you to stop the madness.The future of our existence is depending on you to step up. Your destiny is calling- answer the phone already!

Life is a state of mind, 

Featured Article

I never would have done this before.
“This” was me reaching out to the author of a very sweet book that rocked my world and inspired my perspective for 2015.

I devoured The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death during the Thanksgiving break. In reading this inspiring TRUE account of a woman’s communication with her deceased brother I noticed that she lived near me in Eastern Long Island.

Since I’m on PURPOSE rather than believing that “she’s busy, why would she answer me”, I sent an email to the author Annie Kagan acknowleding her bravery and eloquence. Within hours I got a response. “I don’t normally do this” she wrote “but I’d like to set a time for us to speak and chat.”


Fast forward a few hours and we’re LIVE having a profound and engaging conversation. Today’s miracle.

I share this to encourage you to OWN your why. I truly believe that I’m on this earth to help people like you to STOP looking for approval and START creating. “Of COURSE Annie will speak to me” I said to myself. “After all, we share the same values, we’re on the same team.”

So here’s a challenge for you so you begin to remember why you’re here:
1) Get quiet regularly. If you need help, I’ve posted a 30 minute meditation HERE (it’s a powerfully cleansing track!).
2) Let go of the investing in the OUTCOME. Not every conversation, hunch and intuitive thought has an ROI. Give and listen unconditionally.
3) Believe that your existence is more than an exercise in a hamster wheel.
4) Ask for guidance from your higher self…that version of YOU who will point YOU to your next best step.

Try this on for size and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you at dawn@dawnd.com

Q & A while Dawn

QUESTION: “How can I dazzle my clients with memorable gifts this holiday season?”

ANSWER:  GET personal.

Those who know me KNOW that I love my dog Biscuit. He’s my inspiration, reminding me that each day is an opportunity to start over with great energy.

My colleague and Friend Katie Karlovitz (she’s a public speaking expert and consultant) presented me with the most memorable holiday treat. She sent Biscuit treats that I describe as “doggie crack”. They’re hand baked and you can find the recipe HERE.

Who needs another fruit cake (does anyone still send these?) Research and find ways to individualize gifts to a smaller set of people rather than send out the same old thing to hundreds.

You’ll make a difference…perhaps even inspire a blog post about your approach 😉

“I help you to create the life you want and the business that supports it.”