When asked

“What do you want?”

most people say...

  • More clients
  • A loving soul mate relationship
  • A consistent flow of income
  • Fun and enjoyment
  • Connection to confidence and “mojo”
  • Boundless energy
  • A stress-free life
  • Total fulfillment and connection to purpose

You have it all right now,you're just not choosing to experience it

Fabulous is the currency of success- what's in your wallet? The amount of confidence you've banked is directly proportional to your level of satisfaction in life and in business. I’m Dawn Doherty and I believe that when you become aware of how to BE, which is BEING FABULOUS, then anything's possible.

I’ve spent years building multi million dollar companies, honing my sales and marketing expertise, learning from top industry gurus and logging thousands of hours with coaching clients. Through all of this experience I've uncovered the secret to success. In Access Your Fabulous™ I share how you can feel and look like a million while making a million dollar impact on your life and in the world.

When you get to choose the clients that energize you, set your own schedule and work from the location of your choice then you’re free to bring in the best life ever.

Through this experience I’ve been able to synthesize the content that will help you to fast-track YOUR WAY to your life on YOUR TERMS.

“Freedom in Style” is for you if...

  • You’re tired of your current work or life situation and you’re ready to get energized and fall back in love with life.
  • You’re overwhelmed and stuck and need a proven approach to moving through what’s holding you back.
  • You’ve been wanting to experience world-class coaching and you’ve been searching for an effective low cost offering to try out.
  • You’re ready to “clean house” and bring in the relationships that will elevate you and say goodbye to those who weigh you done.
  • You are determined to craft a livelihood that will serve you for the rest of your life.
  • You want to access the BEST YOU 24/7- a version of you that’s youthful, energetic, in constant creative flow and a magnet for positivity.

Dawn’s Story

I’m certain that I can guide you to all of the above because I’m living this life NOW. I’ve never looked better, been more energized and I experience daily.

My life is in full abundance mode and I want the same for you. But it wasn’t always that way…

  • I grew up in a blue collar town in New Jersey where “those with means” were probably doing something illegal to amass the wealth to support their Mercedes-driving, rolex-wearing lifestyle. I was conditioned to “not live beyond my means” and to believe that luxury was bad.

    I lived most of my life craving “the good life” and being separated from it because I felt guilty about wanting.

    My first encounter with fame and excitement was being selected to share my “Brush with Stupidity” on the David Letterman show. It was January 28, 1986 and I was a senior at Stevens Institute of Technology. I was studying Electrical Engineering and well on my way to securing my diploma for something I did to please my Father. He yearned to complete his engineering studies but chose the functional fast-path to earning instead. I was lead by my approval seeking self and I entered the work world living someone’s dream…Ray’s dream.

    On this day, January 28, 1986 I had my “15 minutes of fame”. David Letterman was shaken as the space shuttle exploded 3 hours before the taping. He prompted me to read “The Top 10” list, an honor that hasn’t been bestowed on many. I read the list, told my story and was showered with acknowledgement.

    This was my first taste of what fame was about and how confidence felt. I wanted more.

    That feeling quickly wore off and I went back to my old way of being- seeking approval and doing as I thought others expected me to. I never felt “good enough” and I bought into being like everyone else so I’d fit in and be accepted. Sound familiar?

    Fast forward into my place in the corporate world. I stepped from job to job, shifting from one company to another and lived in New York, San Francisco, LA and Denver. I achieved high honors and sold services and products that totaled millions. I felt worthless.

    Then in October of 2004 I received the call that would shake me to my core and change my life as I knew it. My Sister reached me in my car driving on a rainy fall day in Denver and while I pulled over she shared that my Father was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. It was the kind that could not be localized and operated on. He had a very slim chance of recovering.

    I kissed my Father good bye knowing that he took his dreams to the grave with him. He lived a life doing for others and he put his desires on the back-burner. Ray never took that Alaskan fishing cruise and he never opened up the tackle shop at the Jersey shore. He lived a life supporting others and believing that his personal happiness was not something he deserved.
    I sank into a deep depression and carried a heavy loss with me for years. I found a job in on-site real estate sales so I could just “show up” while convalescing.

    All the while committing that I will create Ray’s legacy through making my life one worth living and inspiring others to shake off the belief that they exist only to please. I just didn’t know how to do it.

    Along the way I accepted a role to lead a start up firm. As the Vice President of Strategic Development at StreetEasy.com I uncovered my relationship-building strengths and got my mojo back. I helped take a company with $3mm in assets to being sold for $50MM in a period of a few fast years. I connected with what I learned to be the thing that sets me apart from most people- my ability to connect and communicate.

    After this engagement I decided that Ray’s wish for me to live LIFE ON MY TERMS was something I would realize. I would create this legacy while helping others to live on through reclaiming their unique gifts so they too could give back to the world.

    So…if you’re ready to accept that true FULFILLMENT is much more than money and power AND you’re ready to make a lasting impression with how you live and what you offer then consider JOINING “Freedom In Style”.

What is “Freedom in Style”?

Freedom in Style is a self-paced coaching
 program coupled with LIVE group access to
 me through the program.

Here’s what you’ll get

10 Modules (instructional videos, audios to download, notes and exercises) delivered to you each week;

Access to a private Facebook group where you can get inspiration from fellow Freedomnistas and direct feedback from me.

2 LIVE one hour calls with me each month where you can get individualized coaching around the program;

Special one-on-one coaching rate when you’re ready to work with me in an ultra-individualized fashion.

Here’s what you’ll learn


Stand in Your Style

What do you REALLY want? Learn how to invoke the embedded success mechanism that we’re all born with. You get specific about how to get laser focused on what you desire for your business and your life.


Goals with Glamour

Identify why you and most others “miss the mark” and craft a set of goals that you'll achieve. You’ll be let in on the “secret to success” that Tony Robbins, Oprah and other mega-gurus know about that most others miss out on.


Haute Habits

Overwhelm sets in not because we have too much to do...it's from not knowing what to do. You'll review the habits of successful / fulfilled people and what it takes to implement new behavior.


Confidence Couture

Go from "playing small" to "having it all" by uncovering the stories that your inner critic tells you that keep you from realizing your success. Learn how to make the RIGHT first impression so people "get" you and are immediately attracted to you.


Fame Formula

Launch a personal brand that will create memorable impressions on the clients you choose to draw out and the people you plan to pizzazz. You’ll crack the code of understanding the laws of attraction and have them working in your favor.


Fanning the Fires

Now that you’re a magnet for riveting relationships learn how to stay top-of-mind with the people who’ll help you build the business and life of your dreams. You’ll connect to a keep-in-touch strategy that feels good for you and for them.


Mindful Money

Money is energy, it flows and it comes and goes. Learn about “wealth consciousness” so you master how to “fake it until you make it”. Understand how to create money circuitry so you gain while giving back.


Intriguing Internet

See how marketing masters ignite to internet to line up new relationships, customers and loyal fans (and how you can too).

So what are you waiting for?

Access world-class one-on-one coaching
 from head Freedomnista Dawn Doherty and
 get aligned with what you’re meant to do
  while living life on your terms.

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