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The Meaning of Life- Got Purpose?

For the past few years I’ve been feeling, for lack of a better word, an overriding malaise and discontent. Don’t get me wrong, I so appreciated the blessings in my life. Living in New York City, married to an amazing self-aware man and having my health were just a few of the things that I […]


Silver Bullets are for Killing Werewolves

One of the first things I get from real estate agents and other service professionals after I tell them what I do is: “Tell me what the “top agents” do to get the business they pull in”. These agents  want to know the “secret” these pros have so they can make a killing too, fair […]


Say Adios to the Walking Cliche

Before we get to the “adios” part of the title, here’s a big “hello” from the world of NY real estate. I’m back to spending 110% of my time and effort helping NYC real estate renters, buyers and sellers do deals. I’ve been a real estate professional for over a decade and I am now […]

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