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How to Drive Golden Referrals

A referral is golden, magical, the best gift that anyone could ever give you. Why is that? Well for starters, it cuts out the months that it usually takes for a “stranger to become a friend to become a client”. You see, people buy from you when the amount of trust you’ve earned is proportionate with your […]


Million Dollar Lesson from a $39.95 Info-mercial

In Brendon Burchard’s “Millionaire Messenger”, he describes the characteristics of those of us who are programmed to serve. He mentions that we “carry around journals and take notes on what they see and learn about life that can empower others.” Guilty as charged! I’m continually combing life for lessons to pass on to those I care […]


“Ideal Client” Green Smoothie Recipe

Popeye has his spinach and I have my “Ideal Client Green Smoothie”.  My healthy supplement choice and my choosing to do business ONLY with ideal people have a lot in common and I encourage you to read on. In Michael Port’s “Book Yourself Solid” he emphasizes the importance of establishing a “Red Velvet Rope Policy”. […]


4 Ways to Create Sizzle that Sells

Back-in-the-day practically all sales training was about “sell the sizzle, not the steak”. This reference is quite dated (and onerous to the vegans among us!) and comes across as slick/ bait-and-switchy. What if I replaced the word “sizzle” with “energy” and “steak” with “a pair of Prada shoes”? The new version of the old adage […]


Oh, Do Behave!

I find the study of behavior intriguing. I don’t mean the sense of the word that first comes to mind- that’s about judgement. Good or bad, polite or rude, kind or mean. The aspect of the word that I am referring to is what one does regularly to drive the results that they want to […]

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