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Creating the Confidence that Closes

Want to know how to know the RIGHT thing to say to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time? Watch my 40 minute spreecast where I let you on in the key things you need to do to close more deals and set more appointments!


The Power of Intention

Victoria wants to lose 15 pounds. She’s dieted before, only to relapse. This time, however, she’s got an athletic new boyfriend who’s counting on her to “get fit” and keep up with him. Travis wants a long-term relationship. Content for years to be a “lady’s man,” he recently recovered from a life-threatening illness and is […]


The Magnet Newsletter- Topic: Motivation

IN THIS ISSUE: Featured Article: Staying Motivated Through Life’s Ups and Downs Tech Tip: Set Up Your “Self Coaching” System Special Events: Get Clients While Getting Tan- “Get Clients Summer School” details


Staying Motivated Through the Ups and Downs

We’ve all been there. We have aspirations for what we want to achieve and by when. Deadlines are looming and we feel confident that we’ll meet these time frames and have time to spare. Then LIFE steps in. Maybe it comes in the form of family members needing your help. Perhaps it’s an unexpected bout […]


What Achievers Know That Most of Us Don’t

What’s the best thing about being your own boss? For me it’s the absolute freedom of choosing what I get to work on, who I get to work with and when and where I do it. When you work for yourself no one’s peering over your shoulder, checking your work and holding you accountable. The […]

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