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Work better. Live Richer: Release what’s holding you back by unlocking what’s keeping you stuck.

Are you ready to begin living life on your terms? We’re meant to work with each other if you can relate to any of the following:

    • You’re done with the corporate grind and ready to launch a business and a way of living that offers you extreme freedom;
    • You’re successful at what you do and crave a way of being that is purpose-based so you enhance your life and livelihood;
    • You’re struggling with breaking through a self-imposed earnings ceiling and you’re ready to reclaim your mojo;
    • You’re ready to transition from being somebody else’s (mother, wife, care-giver, employee) and you’re ready to step into your purpose-driven mission that creates ultimate fulfillment (wealth, happiness and inner peace).

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My method for accelerated achievement and peak performance.

Together we’ll tackle any success barriers you’re experiencing so you’re fully engaged each day and able to access your peak performance state on-demand. You’ll have a system for CREATING new business and relationships so people seek you out rather than you having to chase them down. That’s freedom.

I believe that success is owning your power to CREATE. When we give ourselves the permission to set the terms of our lives then we’re truly HAPPY. We’re here to be happy. When we’re happy we create. When we create we inspire. Inspiration is why people buy from you. Inspiration is the magnet for healthy relationships. Being able to inspire on-demand is the secret to success.

I believe in immediate results. Working with me is an immersive process where you’ll go deep, create new behavior and execute on your new practice. I offer complimentary UNLIMITED CHECK INS that you’ll drop in on so you anchor your practice and deepen your commitment on a monthly basis.

Core Coaching Club™ is the name of my approach. I use a combination of proven business acumen, master coaching techniques and regressive hypnosis to super-charge your experience.

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You’re not winding down, you’re just getting started.

That statement describes where I’m at with my career and my life. You see, as I head into my fifties, I’m finally savoring what extreme freedom is. I’m living my dream- doing what I’m meant to do, working with ideal clients and setting my own schedule.

I got here after a corporate career helping start-up companies sell for tens of millions as a Business Development Executive, several years of training as a certified business/life coach (in my world they go hand-in-hand), practicing regressive hypnosis, experiencing loss, working with committed clients and realizing what DOESN’T work for me. For many of those years my job was about a physical place that I was going to, not a calling that I was meant to answer.

Let’s get you started on the fast track to freedom


Professional bio:


A sales and marketing expert with a 25 year success track-record, Dawn Doherty is a business development leader who was recently responsible for building value within a company that sold for tens of millions, she’s a certified professional coach with a tremendous knack for helping clients get “unstuck” and tapping into their peak performance, and she practices regressive hypnosis with clients who are interested in releasing what holds them back through unlocking the past.

Her combination of business prowess, mastery of transforming clients into stellar leaders while also being extremely caring/ fully present offers everyone she works with a unique experience to excel.

Dawn has trained and coached thousands of real estate agents, business owners and C-suite executives to book more business while creating a network of raving fans.

She has a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and MBA coursework through Fairleigh Dickinson University. Dawn has completed coaching certification with iPEC and other programs that are based in mindset optimization, communication mastery and practical techniques for building relationships. Dawn is passionate about understanding how things work so to guide clients into systematic ways to create consistent and sustainable results.

Dawn lives part time in the Hamptons, Denver and Manhattan where she enjoys life on her terms. She’s passionate about creating freedom- the ability to work with the people who have clients doing their best work, from the location of their choice on their schedule.


Want to explore whether we’re meant to work with each other? You’re invited to book a LeadChat™ 25k in 25 Minutes Call.