Back-in-the-day practically all sales training was about “sell the sizzle, not the steak”. This reference is quite dated (and onerous to the vegans among us!) and comes across as slick/ bait-and-switchy.

What if I replaced the word “sizzle” with “energy” and “steak” with “a pair of Prada shoes”?

The new version of the old adage is something I can sink my teeth into (sorry, I had to ;-)). When I buy a new hot dress or pair of killer shoes I’m not buying the the material or the leather. I’m investing in the way I’m going to feel when I slide that dress on and prance in those hot little numbers. Magic.

So how can we use this “magic” when we’re on a sales call with a prospective client to drive a result that works for them as well as for us?

In Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid he refers to the core features that people buy into. Working these core features into a sales conversation creates a movie set for your client to step into and try what you’re presenting on-for-size.

Here are the core features (FEPS= Financial, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual) and how they can play into a real estate sales conversation (this is a real life example passed on to me from a Brooklyn agent):

Financial: Moving from the Chelsea neighborhood to Brooklyn Heights offers more value because the price per square foot is less. No need to compromise space for savings.

Emotional: Having more breathing room and closet space gave the client a new organized existence. Uncluttered apartment, uncluttered mind.

Physical: The new building had an inviting gym. It’s never been easier to start a daily work-out routine.

Spiritual: The view from the new apartment was spectacular. The client’s morning ritual was now enhanced with a water view to meditate on.

Now isn’t that more compelling than pushing brick-and-mortar?

Remember- we buy energy, not things. Highlight FEPS in your sales conversations and connect to “sizzling” results!