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Find freedom by doing what
you’re meant to do on your terms.

When we allow the best versions
of ourselves to emerge then we
attract business with ease and
bring in the right relationships.

Dawn Doherty

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Find Your Freedom Video Series


  • Audit your business and your life to identify what’s keeping you stuck
  • Learn how to set goals the RIGHT way
  • Create mindset that will have you accessing your peak state on-demand
  • Stop wasting time and start freeing yourself up for the people who matter the most

dawn1Dawn Doherty, a certified business development coach, helps real estate brokers present a more agreeable persona to clients.

After all, they may be spending a lot of time together.

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Dawn is one of the few Book Yourself Solid Elite Level Certified coaches.

She mastered the system in record time and I know, without a doubt, that she can
get you booked solid. In the process, you’ll also fall in love with marketing and selling.

Oh, yeah… you’ll also fall in love with Dawn. She’s truly the cream of the crop.

Michael Port
NY Times Bestselling Author of Book Yourself Solid

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